How To Know Your Partners Love Language (Part 4)

I have been talking on the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman.
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Today, I will be talking on:
Some people loved being touched in a special way. It could be cuddles, hugs,holding hands, little massages etc.
For the married, When a partner likes touching you in a special way,then it means that they will require that from you too. They expect you to give it back in return. When you now start touching them in that special way, the minute you stop it for some days, they could easily trace a change in you. If you are the type that kisses her on her forehead every morning, she will get used to it and the day you don’t do it, she will read meaning to it.
For the umarried, there are a lot of restrictions in this love language. You shouldn\’t do things that would graduate into sin. Holding hands is cool.
Its easier to know your partner’s love language by what they show or give to you and it has to be consistent. A partner could have more than one love language, it could even be all but they are in order of priority.
Does your partner love holding hands in public? It could be a turn on for them and you need to understand their wants. Relationships work when we can realize what we both want and actualize it.
The last love language would be discussed soon.
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