How To know Your Partner\’s Love Language (Part 5)

We have been teaching on love languages for sometime. Love languages are ways a person expresses love in form of feelings, actions and words.
Gary Chapman listed out 5 love languages:
They are: 1. Words Of Affirmation. 2. Acts Of Service. 3. Quality Time 4. Physical Touch 5. Receiving Gifts.
Partners speak out and express different love languages. Knowing it well makes you understand your partner\’s nature.
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The fifth language is called \”RECEIVING GIFTS\”
Receiving gifts deals with exchanging special items between one another. Some people gets the sparks of love when given a gift. They love to give out, they are great spenders and they believe in sharing what they have no matter how little it is.
If that is the case, the bible says; \”Give and it shall be given unto you\”, so it means when your partners gives, you should develop the habit of giving back too.
This kind of person would want a partner that can give out gifts too. Gifts doesn’t have to be too expensive but should be from a sincere and caring heart. It doesn’t mean your partner is a materialistic type. It is so possible that they grew up with parents or families that expresses love by sharing gifts. If that is the case, you would need to observe them well and also know what they like.
You should also try and be smart to know if they are the covetous type or just a general lover of gifts.
If your partner loves giving you gifts,there is a big tendency they would want it too. Receiving gifts can be one of their love language but not the only one. Try and find out what they give to you most,that’s the best way to know what they want too.
Its all about having a good and healthy relationship. Knowing your partner’s love language can go a long way in helping you understand each other better.
Read up Gary Chapman books on google or you buy \” The 5 love languages\”.
This is the end of the love language series. Sure you learnt one or two things……

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