Whether you agree or not, this is the truth as mandated by God. If you want to keep believing masturbation is normal or trendy, then may God touch your hearts.

In the next few days or weeks, We will be sharing on some series of Masturbation and how to overcome it. We Will be treating the meaning, types, causes/triggers , effects and how to overcome it. If you have been struggling with it, then get ready to be liberated by the word and power of God.
First, let\’s look at the meanings of Masturbation.
According to Oxford Advanced English Dictionary, Masturbation is \”The manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm,either by oneself or a partner\”.
Masturbation is the stimulation of one\’s genitals by using object, hand , mind sexual scenes etc. It could be done by a partner also.
The truth is people see it as a normal act but it is only normal for people who don\’t understand the spiritual realm and act of God. Most people grew up in the act because they had a urge to have sex, and found an easy and quick way of doing it without understanding the process they are involved in.
Masturbation is very common among the singles and married. The singles see it as a way of sexual satisfaction in the absence of a physical body or means. Some married people do as a way of avoiding cheating. Some are not satisfied by their partners and use masturbation as a way out.
People use dildo and other plastic sex toys to satisfy their urge. Did God ever tell us to find other means to satisfy ourselves. We are living in a complete artificial world and everyone is encouraging it.
Some people see it as a way of avoiding sex totally in their own understanding, while some believe its better than cheating on their partner. Some pastors even encourage it.
So what does the bible say?
Romans 8: 5a says \”For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh\”. Premarital sex for singles is living in the flesh. Masturbation is also a quick way to sex.
Romans 8: 6a,\”For to be carnally minded is death\”. Focusing on sex, lesbianism, homosexualism and the likes are carnal. Its responding to the body will when you should live after the spirit.
Some people argue that the bible never mentioned masturbation, so there is nothing wrong in it. Mind you, before you can masturbate, you must have gazed your mind on some things and scenes that can trigger your sexual organ. The bible says we should present our bodies blameless, holy and acceptable(Romans 12:1) . The bible says we should dwell our minds on anything that is pure and true.

Your mind needs to be renewed. You can\’t tell me that you won\’t have to watch porn or stare at magazines before you act well. Some people have to think of the porn scenes to get the full picture and act like it. Masturbation is a spirit that comes on anyone who is exposed to the vices. So many people argue and perish because of lack of knowledge(Hosea 4:6). Know the truth and let it set you free from the bondage and shackles of the devil(John 8:32).

From statistics, more than 85percent of teenagers grow up practicing it. 60percent of boys and 25 percent of girls. Teens look for how to satisfy the urge they feel so they take up with masturbation.
Most parents don\’t educate their child on puberty, sex, and how to avoid sexual and immoral vices. They end up learning it from their friends, media and environment. We live in a world where musical videos and romantic movies are as good as watching porn. All these sexual adverts, dances, lyrics, and scenes triggers the mind and body to act. It is common among guys because guys are moved by what they see and they are closer to these vices. That person sitting or walking beside you might be into it and you can help them.
The next series would be on the types of masturbation.
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  1. its good when truth is told without bias. Thanks for both the education and spiritual enlightenment. God Bless You

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