#Singledate Online Seminar (November Edition) By Adenike Adedokun

How to handle arguments in relationships. The first session was by @Bunmi_Sobowale and this is the second session.

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to reach out to the singles. #SinglesDate

You are welcome. I am @NikeAdedokun. A relationship coach aimed at finding solutions to failing relationships.

Tonight,we are going to be treating arguments. Arguments doesn\’t only exist in relationships but also with normal people.

For the intimate ones, It is a process of reasoning that can make or mar their relationship. #Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

Arguments can be massive stressful causing migraine in the long run but issues still needs to be thrashed. #Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

One partner is always prone to be defensive which could spark up more arguments.#Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

What if your partner is quick to anger? What if you have to work on your approach?#Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

Proverbs 15:1 says \”A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous word stirs up anger\”.#Fightthegoodfight

You need to learn to change your approach. Talk to yourself and ask yourself how you would feel if you were approached that way.

A lady complained of she and her partner always arguing physically or over the phone 1/2

And she feels maybe they don\’t love each other or are not meant for each other.#Fightthegoodfight

Its not just about love but a matter of approaching the communication process. Sit down and agree on how to handle issues.

Proverbs 15: 2a: \”The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright\”. Learn to speak with wisdom.#SinglesDate

For the receiving partner, learn to ask questions to be clear than assuming what your partner meant.#SinglesDate

Effective communication reduces the tenacity of the argument with better understanding. #SinglesDate

Fighting the good fight requires letting God have his way in your communication stream by asking for wisdom and getting understanding.

Prayerfully handle your temperaments if you are quick to anger. Also be deliberate with self control.#SinglesDate

Have it at the back of your mind that no relationship can exist without fights.#Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

You either argue about the PAST ,PRESENT or FUTURE. #Fightthegoodfight#SinglesDate

Settle your arguments amicably before going to bed. Don\’t store records of your misunderstanding.#SinglesDate

Bear it in mind that you are from different background and has different view about life. #SinglesDate

Admit if you are wrong. Even if you are right,create a friendly environment for your partner to realize. #Fightthegoodfight

Help each other to grow and understand yourselves. #SinglesDate

Anticipate next edition of #SinglesDate (December edition).

Facilitators: @NikeAdedokun on \”Becoming a better woman\”

@iamDayoSamuel on \”The strength of thy youth\”.

@folayemiITUNU on \”Spicing up your relationship\”

Date: December 12. Time:7:00pm

See you there.

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