In The Mind Of A Broken And Shattered Heart

Few years back, there were some mistakes I made but I would love to talk about few because of so many people out there in the same shoe. So many people go through emotional threats and are either locked up in it or finding a way out.
In one of my past relationship, I was quick to introduce him to my family and friends while persuading him to do the same. I showed him my commitment by being transparent. He promised to introduce me to his family and I believed. I was so excited that I have found someone I could even tell my parents about, someone who makes me happy (take note of this statement), someone who makes me laugh and inspire me in writing more.
I had someone who my whole life depended on. I thought it was my safest assurance of companionship. We wrote romantic and beautiful poems to each other and we kept it on for a while. He kept talking to me every single time. We really contributed a lot to telecommunications company\’s profits by the amount of air time we spent per day, an amount enough to subscribe on a blackberry network in this day.
I lost myself completely because I kept on enhancing the relationship without focusing on my life, purpose discovery and relationship with God. 
Why am I sharing this?
After a year and some months in the relationship, things began to fall apart. Meeting his sister was by force, it happened in the camp. He couldn\’t work it off. Meeting his parent was an issue because he felt he had to be sure about me, go for his masters , and come back before telling them.
He would say stuffs like: \”I know you are a good girl, homely, a good wife material but I would prefer to come back before making any arrangement with my parent\”.
Well, it didn\’t work out. So many night of tears, and vigils with God, it just didn\’t work out. I told God if he wasn\’t meant for me, He shouldn\’t let us end together but I couldn\’t handle the truth and then the break up happened.
It seems impossible. How would I tell my parents? My friends, People that knew us. How come? How did it happen? I couldn\’t bare it. It was unbelievable. Finally, it dawned on me that we couldn\’t be together.
What happened to those precious times we spent together? They all slipped away from me. I cried and cried. I thought I was not good enough. I felt I was at fault but no I wasn\’t!
God had plans for me. Seriously, why be with someone who doesn\’t know your worth. 
Are you in the same shoe? 
Are you scared of letting go of someone who doesn\’t care about you because of what people might say? 
The truth is that God always turns our mess into a message. Don\’t ever feel that you are worthless because of a break up. There are hidden blessings in every disappointments.
Be Deliberate: When you find yourself constantly delving into the past and memories, get up, get busy and tell yourself I refuse to remain in hurt, I am free.
Look in the mirror everyday before going out and tell yourself beautiful things, pray, smile and leave and let the glory of God shine all over you as you put on the armour of light and chase your greatness.
Let the pursuit of happiness be your main goal because your future depends on it.
Be Yourself, it pays. Build your brand and celebrate yourself. Read books and listen to messages that can boost your morale.
Day by day you would find yourself yielding to your meditations and actions so far.
May the lord heal your hearts. Amen.

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