Letting Go Of An Abusive Relationship


So many people have found themselves in relationships that have affected their health indirectly and their lives adversely.

An abusive relationship doesn\’t really mean a violent one. Abusive isn\’t limited to a type. It spreads across the physical, psychological and sexual form of abuse.

So many people at some point have undergone various forms of negative feedback from their partners.

While in my previous relationship, I suffered from verbal and emotional abuse. He constantly said words that weighed me down, words that dispute worthlessness on my part. This kept wrecking me emotionally, I couldn\’t even do anything about it so my suffering continued.

I had a friend who constantly went through sexual and physical abuse from her partner. He was always trying to have sex forcefully or beat her up for any slight offence.

Some ladies are also good at raining curses and harmful words on their partner thereby hitting their ego. Men don\’t like it when a woman puts him down but even when it happens, he always want a way out. If he seems to be in love, he keeps feeling hurt.

I had reasons for not coming out of the relationship even when I saw the warning signs and I know that this same reason is responsible for over 80percent of people still holding on to their abusive relationships.

I always felt he was too good for me and I could never meet someone better. I constantly motivated myself towards endurance. That was my excuse and my greatest disaster.

Why do you think you are still in that abusive relationship?

You are constantly being put down by words and actions but you remain there because of fear of the unknown.
You have taken the pains enough.

There are some situations that can be amended but in a complex situation, you may need to double check.

Don\’t blame yourself for such encounter. Blaming ourselves repeatedly keeps us in bondage.

Forgive yourself for that.

Forgiveness doesn\’t mean the situation would change, it only means you have decided to overlook it.

Accept the situation and get ready to move on. Never let anyone handle the key to your happiness.

Never remain in an abusive relationship because of the gifts and money you receive. Don\’t be enslaven by sex. Don\’t remain in depression because of an heartbreak.

Most people are bound by soul ties. They are so attached to the person that they endure the pains and shame. Soul ties bonds you up even when you can see the way out.

Some people might be scared of what their parents or friends might think. A lot of things keeps us stuck.
You don\’t have to remain in pains. It is better to be single and happy than to be engaged in bondage.

It\’s in your hands to take a decision. Look inwards, do you think you deserve more or less?

Even if I had managed to make my ex marry me, I would have regretted every action. I would be ripped off my joy. Am so happy it ended. Now I can look back and smile. My life is more beautiful and inspiring to people around because I turned my gains to pain, my scars to stars and my mess into a message. Don\’t leave the key to your happiness in someone else\’s pocket. Let your happiness come from within. It is not a one day journey but you would get there. Sometimes you would fail, you might even feel weak or keep stalking but you need to let your ex remain in his nest of the past. You deserve to be happy.

Take a step closer to your happiness. It lies within.

Choose to stay healthy and live purified.

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