Living A Loving Single And Complete Life


I know what\’s on your mind. You feel you are so whole and complete and you just want to cling on someone who fits your picture. I get your points clearly. You don\’t want to settle for less? Yeah, right! Pause and ask yourself! Could you really date another version of you? You go in search of a God fearing man but how much do you fear God? Do you really love and respect Him like you should.

Yeah, we all pretend and hide under the noses of church activities.You want a man with a purpose? Have you discovered yours? Hey, you can\’t just be wishing for the best when you are just good. Okay, we know marriage can help you get better but how much work are you doing on yourself now? I guess some of you are still in an institution, while some are still at home. Some have even graduated but the only thing in your mind is how to fall in love.

You have to be complete physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually et al\’. So ask yourself, how complete are you in this area?

Does love present you a gift for falling into it? What happened to learning more about love? How much do you love yourself? Are you proud of yourself? If you are not, how can someone else be proud of you? You are searching for a relationship that can make you feel secured and whole again? What if you loose that relationship today?

Bode says he is tired of his relationship. His girlfriend is beautiful, intelligent and matured. He says he is not ready to live responsibly. He doesn\’t want to be committed and doesn\’t want to loose her. And then I wondered, What kind of life does he want then? He says he wants to flirt around, play girls, have fun etc. After questioning him, he said after he lost his mother, his life had taken another shape. The truth is that, his life is in his hands. If his mother peeps at his life, would she be happy with the way he is living?

I know you have your excuses too. Your lifestyle is your decision. What kind of choices are you making?
Singleness has never been a curse. It is even the best time to get busy, achieving your goals. Marriage would limit your freedom a bit.You can still be single and complete. Let your partner meet you blessed.

So many people were better off before they got into a relationship, don\’t stop working on yourself.

Appreciate yourself. Treat yourself nice. Take yourself out. Spoil yourself, yeah, you deserve it! Don\’t let anyone reduce your worth. Move with the right company. My dear, you can be single and complete. You can achieve a lot with your time. Stop wasting it on clubs, strange ladies and material gains. Live for your future. Live for the best. You want to feel whole? Start by falling in love with yourself first, appreciate your worth. That would make you live a valuable life. You are priceless. Don\’t sell yourself short to the devil. Overlook this youthful exuberance around you and be focused. There is a reward for you up there. Instead of thinking of how to secure yourself in someone\’s arms, think of good means to secure life and be happy. The right person would come for you.

Wake up every morning and tell yourself: \”I am unique\” \”I am blessed\”\”I am beautiful\”\”I am a leader\” etc and see changes coming soon.

The strength of a man is in his youth. Use your youthful age to serve God. You don\’t have to be like everybody. Be youself. If you are not you, who would be you? Build your self worth. Love yourself and you would learn to have someone who knows your worth. Don\’t settle to be like the rest.
Enjoy your singleness. There are a lot of things you can harness. A lot of opportunities to be explored. Don\’t waste it mourning yourself. Be productive. Build your vocational skills. Enjoy your company.
Stay blessed.

God bless you

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