LOVING ONESELF …the first step to finding true love


One of the greatest and first step to finding true love is loving oneself. How can I defend this?. Its all started with an experience.

There was a time in my life when I loved people unconditionally that I couldn\’t even think of loving myself and break down after few months, let me balance that, am not saying we re not to love unconditionally but shouldn\’t be at the expense of ourself. Its not that I don\’t feel appreciated but am just not satisfied with how am being loved in return.

I fall in love too easily that I can hardly think of its effect when lust comes in. Until I met a male psychologist who came as a friend too, I wondered if am actually falling in love again, never did, I knew he wanted to know the pains behind my smile and when he did, he left me with a fact about the cycle of love. He quotes \”No one is going to love you if you don\’t love yourself\” and since then trying to live with that fact wasn\’t easy but that\’s the reason am happy today.

I worked diligently in that cycle of love with the fact as my guide, I avoid staying lonely and spend time with things and people that makes me happy, I started working with positive minds to keep away from negative thoughts, I have come to judge myself to be unique, spend my time and energy looking at myself in a deep and meaningful, infact I automatically changed my name to success and I feel this capability that I can control my emotions whenever I want to love another.

However, I conclude with an existing fact that the more we turn our attention towards loving ourselves, the more likely we will ask for more love from life forever.

DON\’T WAIT! start now to love yourself for it is the first step to finding true love.

Folayemi add: Method can change but principle will never, loving oneself could be done in many ways but the most important thing is accepting yourself for who you are. God bless.

Written by: Happiness Enoch
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