Personal Hygiene In Relationships


When it comes to Personal Hygiene and Relationships, it\’s mostly based on peoples\’ individuality around it.

This means, this topic can be considered a very relative one. It differs from person to person based on their personalities and perception of things.

When you are dating a person and you notice that the person has some hygiene issues which can be due to lack of physical care, neglect, poor fashion outlook, etc, there are some major highlights to look out for or work with.

This includes:

  1. Is it a deal breaker for you? Is this something you can deal with or cope around or work out or work on? E.g. if in the case of odour, how sensitive is your nose?
    Some people have really sensitive noses and can perceive an odour from a mile away. Some people\’s stomach get upset from bad odour while some people can just look away from a bad smell and get back to what they are doing.
  2. Can it be worked around with other personal un-selfish reasons.
    Does another quality or something else ride that flaw over?
    Be sure that this isnt a deal breaker for you.
    This is to avoid consistent complaints, condemnation and irritation if you indeed decide to move ahead with the relationship.
  3. Discuss with the person in a open humble manner.
    Be mindful of your tone or attitude while you do this.
    Talk about it and back your talks up with actions like getting them products or gifts that can enhance that hygiene issue they are having. If it\’s an odour, get them deodorants, if it\’s a bad hair, you can get them a new wig etc.
    And when they do have those things on, compliment them.
    In that way, you are both speaking the truth and showing that you care. Not just condemning your partner.
  4. What\’s your tolerance level like?
    Are you sure you aren\’t just being intolerant?Is it possible that you are demanding too much of this person?
    How basic is the hygiene issue? If it is overlooked, will there be grave consequences?
    Are you sure you aren\’t the one that\’s too excessive about the issue.
    You may want to find out what other people think about that particular issue. (Maybe from his or your true friends- emphasis on true – you dont want stories that touches the heart😀)
  5. Lastly, be sure you aren\’t the one enabling their physical laziness towards hygiene. E.g. being with a person who doesnt bathe on time or clean up themselves and you as the partner says nothing to them about this. Thinking that you will or can change them in marriage! That\’s a FOUL!
    When you get married and the person continues, soonest you will be frustrated.
    This can be an enabling factor!
    There is a difference between discussing the things that you really want to see in your partner with love and just accepting anything they do.
    These are some basic things that you can do to make your relationship better as regards hygiene.
    As a tip, you can also lead by example!
    You want your partner to smell nice, then smell nice and talk about how important it is for us all to smell niceYou want your partner to dress better, then dress well!Sometimes we learn from each other subconsciously and this can also help.Thank you.

What\’s your view on this? Tell us about your experience.

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  1. Point 3 especially, nails it in. Talking about it with an open, sincere and positive tone/attitude could make all the difference in the world. Thanks for this helpful post

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