Please Help Me, Must I Get Pregnant Before Our Wedding?


Hello Relcapsules readers,

I am in a serious mess right now and I need a way out.

I have been in a relationship with Opeyemi(not real name) for 4years now. We planned to get married late this year. Everything has been going on smoothly all this while until this few months.

Opeyemi is a youth leader in church. He is a God-fearing and responsible man. I really don't know what happened recently. He went home to visit his parents in Ekiti state and when he got back, he told me something I just can't swallow yet.

Opeyemi says I must get pregnant before we can get married. I told him no way, I can't defile myself before marriage and our pastors must not hear. He insists that we could do the wedding somewhere else and his parents says they want to know how fertile I am. I don't know when his parents started controlling him because I know him to be a man of his own and he also don't conform to some worldly shits like this.

We have been coming for years and things have been smooth, I don't know why this is coming up now. The preparations of the wedding is on hold now and he says after a positive test of pregnancy, the wedding preparation would start.

Must we defile ourselves before wedding?

Is Marriage all about Child-bearing?

Am so confused now, he is not listening to my parents pleas too.

Please what do I do?
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