Twitter Conference #FindingTheRightPartner By Folayemi Itunu

1.You are welcome to this month edition of #SinglesDate. I pray as we go on teaching on the topic #FindingTheRightPartner my God will give you wisdom to not jst read but practice and benefit from it. 2.Am @folayemiITUNU, I will be sharing on #FindingTheRightMan lets go3. Let me start by saying this, ITS GOOD TO LEARN BUT BETTER TO PRACTICE#FindingTheRightMan4. A word is enough for the wise#FindingTheRightMan5. Story: Gnorw is a 29 year old lady with much curiosity to marry and not just marry but marry to the right man. #FindingTheRightMan6. In her quest to finding Mr Right, she was advised to join the big girls club by attending clubs, drawing tattoo and always showcasing her body by putting on half naked clothes and with that, men will get attracted to her.7. Sincerely the principle worked, men started coming, she had many appointment for almost every day. #FindingTheRightMan8. After few months, she decide to accept the proposal of one of them by name wrong Mr. Ekatsim, they met at a club months before then#FindingTheRightMan9. Mr.Ekatsim and Mrs Gnorw wedding was elaborate, important personnel attended. It was really big. #FindingTheRightMan10. Months after, they started having issues, and before their first 2year in marriage they ended the marriage with elaborate wedding with what they tagged ‘irresolvable disagreement’11. Well, if they like they call it 1000s name, divorce is divorce#FindingTheRightMan12. Many are like this, we are looking for the RIGHT in a WRONG place. #FindingTheRightMan13. If you spell Gnorw backward you have Wrong, she was actually Mrs. Wrong#FindingTheRightMan14. If you spell Ekatsim backward too you have Mistake, He was a Mistake#FindingTheRightMan15. You want a good man? you just have to be good, likes attract. Be who you want your partner to be. #FindingTheRightMan16. If you develop self-esteem, spiritual discernment, and \”a life\”; you won’t find yourself making someone else responsible for your happiness or responsible for your pain.17. Seeking status, sex, and security are the wrong reasons to be in a relationship. #FindingTheRightMan18. Do you know life purpose? A good man want to know if you have one#FindingTheRightMan19. Why is this so important? Let me put it this way: If you’re married for 20 or 30 years, that’s a long time to live with someone. #FindingTheRightMan20. What do you plan to do with each other all that time? Travel, eat and jog together? You need to share something deeper and more meaningful. You need a common life purpose.21. Two things can happen in a marriage: You can grow together, or You can grow apart. #FindingTheRightMan22. 50% of the people out there are growing apart. To make a marriage work, you need to know what you want out of life! #FindingTheRightMan23. Bottom line; a good man will only marry someone who they want the same thing. #FindingTheRightMan24. A good man look out for someone they feel safe expressing their feelings and thoughts with. #FindingTheRightMan25. Feeling safe means you can communicate openly with this person. #FindingTheRightMan26. The basis of having good communication is trust – i.e. trust that I won’t get \”punished\”; or hurt for expressing my honest thoughts and feelings. #FindingTheRightMan27. A good man wants to feel emotionally safe with the person they will to marry. #FindingTheRightMan28. A good man looks out for someone who is a Mensch? #FindingTheRightMan29. A Mensch is someone who is a refined and sensitive person. #FindingTheRightMan30. How do we test this? Here are ways we detect this. #FindingTheRightMan31. A good man will want to know if you work on personal growth on a regular basis. Are you serious about improving yourself? #FindingTheRightMan32. A teacher of mine defines a good person as \”someone who is always striving to be good and do the right \”#FindingTheRightMan33. A good man will want to know what you do with your time? Are you materialistic? #FindingTheRightMan34. Usually a materialistic person is not someone whose top priority is character refinement. #FindingTheRightMan35. There are essentially two types of people in the world: People who are dedicated to personal growth and people who are dedicated to seeking comfort. #FindingTheRightMan36. Someone whose goal in life is to be comfortable will put personal comfort ahead of doing the right thing. #FindingTheRightMan37. A good man need to know before walking down the aisle how you treat other people#FindingTheRightMan 38. The one most important thing that makes any relationship work is the ability to give. By giving, we mean the ability to give another person pleasure. #FindingTheRightMan39. A good man ask: Is this someone who enjoys giving pleasure to others or are they wrapped up in themselves and self- absorbed? #FindingTheRightMan40. To measure this, a good man thinks about the following: #FindingTheRightMan41. How do they treat people whom they do not have to be nice to, such as waiters, conductors, taxi drivers, etc#FindingTheRightMan42. How do they treat their parents and siblings? Do they have gratitude and appreciation? #FindingTheRightMan43. If they don’t have gratitude for the people who have given them everything; can you do nearly as much for them? GoodMenAskThemselves44. You can be sure that someone, who treats others poorly, will eventually treat you poorly as well. GoodMenbelieve45. Is there anything I’m hoping to change about this person after we’re married? GoodMenQuestion46. Too many people make the mistake of marrying someone with the intention of trying to \”improve\”; them after they’re married. But a real man wont do that. #FindingTheRightMan47. As a colleague of mine puts it: \”You can probably expect someone to change after marriage for the worse\”#FindingTheRightMan48. A real man cannot marry someone they cannot fully accept the way they are now#FindingTheRightMan49. In conclusion, finding Mr. Right or positioning yourself for Mr Right to see doesn’t have to be difficult and treacherous.#FindingTheRightMan50. The key is to try leading a little more with your head and less with your heart. #FindingTheRightMan51. Real men are objective as much as possible; they ask questions that will help them get to the key issues. #FindingTheRightMan

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