Relationship Therapy Sessions

Has it been easy building a healthy relationship?

From experience, research and experiment, we have discovered that ATTRACTING the right partner can look overwhelming.

SUSTAINING a relationship can also be frustrating but what if you could get help?

You didn’t rush into a relationship because you wanted to become cheap or because your life was worthless.

You just wanted to feel loved.

You wanted to share your world with someone else, you wanted to be able to share your life with someone that’s worth it.

You really wanted to make your partner happy and you wanted to feel happiness too. You gave your all and everything in you. You were sincere, honest and committed. You didn’t mind what your friends thought or how your friends saw a relationship as, you just wanted to build a sincere relationship that would blossom into the best thing that ever happened.

You finally talked to her.

You became his friend.

He proposed and you promised to think about it.

She finally gave you a YES and your world become brand new. You looked forward to the best relationship that would graduate into the best marriage.

Finally, you did your best, you gave your body, money, support and all you had. You even paid her school fees and sponsored her.

You cleaned his house and laid his bed. You spent nights and nights acting as a wife. You gave him all the wife benefit and yet he cheated on you. You told him all your secret and yet he turned around to hurt with them.

You promised to take care of her, you bought her the latest dress, bags, phones and Hair. You made her the envy of her friends. You even boasted of how much you trusted her with your friends and she ended up double dating.

You even caught her in bed with your friend or another man. Or maybe you caught her sextexting with a man on her phone. Whatever the case may be, you feel hurt and betrayed. Your friends made you a laughing stock. You feel depressed and frustrated. You have seen your friends build healthy relationship but all your efforts have landed you in messy relationships.

You have read all the dos and don’ts of a relationship. You have even attended seminars but they have only told you about the surface parts of a relationship and not how to settle some deep issues that keeps reoccurring. You may even notice you had temper issues, nagging issues, jealousy, pride, laziness, and everything your partner kept complaining about.

You are trying to change, you have done enough and you are tired.

I see your hurts and pains. It has eaten up your happiness. It has taken away your pride as a man and your worth as a lady. You feel used, jilted and dumped. You feel life is over. You don’t know where you went wrong, it seems the world hates you.

They have even laughed at you or mocked you indirectly.

It’s time to become the valuable person that can attract a better partner.

Hold on!

Don’t give up yet.

It may look bleak but there is hope.

You even stumbled here because light is about to shine on you to set you on the right course.

I’m glad you found this page, I’m excited for you. You know why?

Hello attractive one,

Why not book a session with me and let\’s talk bout it?

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If you would like to book a one on one Relationship Therapy session with me, you can send a mail to

I can\’t wait to hear from you.

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