She Lacks Purpose And Vision, Can I Still Marry Her?

Dear readers,

Am Ade, 28years, my girlfriend is 25years, I have been in a relationship for 8years with this lady. I love her so much and I have plans for her but she lacks vision and purpose. She doesn’t want to grow beyond where she is now. I have asked her to further her education or venture into a business but she doesn’t seem to care. She has this “I don’t care attitude”. I have fears that if we get married,she would only be depending on me. I want someone that can plan for me and am ready to settle down. She doesn\’t know how to contribute when I bring a business proposal. She is not even spiritually strong too. Do you think she is still a good wife material. I don’t want her to become a big burden on me. I want to plan with my wife too. Am so confused,we have been together for 8years. Please I need your candid advice.

For me let me say ,what were you looking at for 8years, and now you are thinking of dumping her, men ehn……anyways, over to you. *Lips sealed*

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