1. #It’s a great day. I’m glad to be facilitating a session on this special edition of #SinglesDate

2. Many thanks to @NikeAdedokun and @folayemiITUNU, you are doing a phenomenal job I must state #SinglesDate

3. Happy birthday in advance to you, @NikeAdedokun. I salute u.Your world will celebrate you.MAY folks-we rock #SinglesDate

4. Getting straight to business…I’ll be tweeching on #DailyRituals: key to a productive future #SinglesDate

5. Before you think we are going fetish with the word RITUAL, I think we should define it quickly #SinglesDate

6. A ritual is simply defined as a rite or a REPEATED set of actions #SinglesDate

6b. Productivity is the state of being productive, fertile or efficient #SinglesDate 

7. The commonest definition for success is ‘the attainment of goals’ #SinglesDate

8a. But you see, goals can only be achieved when they are pursued with devotion #SinglesDate

8b. The same applies to productivity. You only become efficient when you are consistent #SinglesDate

8c. I have come across many secrets to productivity and #DailyRituals is probably the greatest of them #SinglesDate

8d. I gather that the Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison etc of this world had  certain daily routines #SinglesDate

9. Can I say to you that productivity is not what you achieve per se but what you become over time #SinglesDate

10a. It is about BECOMING before ACHIEVING. #SinglesDate

10b. That’s why Jesus said, except a man BE (be-ing) born again he cannot see… #SinglesDate

10c. A lot of us mistakenly focus on BECOMING than BEING. We miss the point and become selfish in our pursuit #SinglesDate

10d. We eventually become what we repeatedly do (being) #SinglesDate

10e. That’s why the concept of ‘hammering’ must be completely removed from our vocabulary #SinglesDate

11. The key words here include: DEVOTION, CONSISTENCY and ROUTINE #SinglesDate

12a. Listen up: Productivity is not a function of luck but a product of ruthless devotion #SinglesDate

12b. Are you in search of success in any field? Then be deliberate about your daily activities #SinglesDate

12c. If u commit say an hour daily in the area of you passion, (studying, research etc) you will become an authority in less than 5yrs #SinglesDate

12d. And a genius in about 10years #SinglesDate

13. Like the great men I mentioned above, you must have a specific time when you would get up… #SinglesDate

14. … when you would start work, when you would exercise/sleep and when you will relax/have fun etc.  #SinglesDate

15. You see, when you decide to begin this routine, you may be termed ‘boring’ #SinglesDate

16. However, I think it is better to be termed ‘boring’ today than be ‘barren’ in the future #SinglesDate

17. Research has shown today that a ‘scattered daily schedule’ (distractions) reduces one’s IQ by 5 points #SinglesDate

18. So I guess you can see the more reason for focus and intense devotion #SinglesDate

19. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- Aristotle #SinglesDate

20. “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us” – John Dryden #SinglesDate

21. “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”- Mike Murdock #DailyRoutine

22. Let’s look at some quick tips. Tip1: OUTSOURCE what you are not best at or what you do not have passion for #SinglesDate

23. Tip2: En-vision/Visualize your day before embarking on it. Your picture is your future-it becomes your reality #SinglesDate

24. Tip3: Have a Daily TO-DO list. Hang it on your desk, type it on your phone or put up in the most visible place #SinglesDate

25a. Tip4: Have a STOP-DOING list as well. Many times we only have a To-do list and wrongly only desire to stop doing some things #SinglesDate

25b. The same energy you put into ‘TO-DO’ should be administered into ‘STOP-DOING’ #SinglesDate

26a. Tip5: Separate at least an hour everyday to work on your calling by reading, research, volunteering, listen to tapes/podcasts etc #SinglesDate

26b. Focus on that squarely. You can’t be/do everything #SinglesDate 

26c. My mantra has been: know everything about something and something about everything #SinglesDate

27. Tip6: Take a walk daily (think stroll, tongue stroll etc). This has a way of rejuvenating your energy #SinglesDate

28a. Tip7: Have a daily, weekly and quarterly review which culminates into annual but you see, it must start DAILY #SinglesDate

28b. Ask yourself at the end of the day on how your day went. Reflect, Learn and Correct afterwards #SinglesDate

29a. Tip8: Go for retreats regularly. My suggestion: QUARTERLY #SinglesDate

29b. I mean, get off work/activities for at least 3 days to refresh. You’ll be better for it #SinglesDate

30a. Tip9: Adopt autosuggestion-talk to yourself daily. Create your day, future and life by your words #SinglesDate

30b. Talking has a way of re-programming the mind and altering the subconscious #SinglesDate

30c. The subconscious can be positively influenced by words. Keep talking-RIGHT WORDS #SinglesDate

30d. Our consciousness has been framed by many factors from friends to family and strangers #SinglesDate

30e. Many times the seeds these folks sow are negative and dangerous #SinglesDate

30f. In fact, there are more negatives spoken to the air than the positives #SinglesDate

30g. What autosuggestion does is to re-wire this programming #SinglesDate

30h. So, speak what you desire-graced words, positive words #SinglesDate

30i. I can make it, I’m the best there is. I’m bold, I’m strong, I’m favoured, my life makes meaning #SinglesDate

30j. I’m a change agent, I’m a generation builder. My steps are ordered of the Lord. I have a goodly heritage #SinglesDate

31. Tip10: Pray without ceasing. Lay EVERYTHING at the feet of God. He knows, He cares, He sees #SinglesDate

32. All of these can be achieved by 4Ds: DESIRE, DETERMINATION, DEVOTION & DISCIPLINE #SinglesDate

34. I have directly/indirectly discussed the first 3 above but all of this can be further enhanced by DISCIPLINE #SinglesDate

35. Discipline entails having a CONTROLLED behaviour-self control #SinglesDate

36. It is the bridge between your dreams and reality #SinglesDate

37. Routine is boosted by Discipline #SinglesDate

38. This is it: peak productivity is a product of devotion; devotion is a function of discipline #SinglesDate

39. Thank you for you time. #SinglesDate

40. Please stay tuned and follow the hashtag: #SinglesDate as other facilitators come in

#SinglesDate is a monthly twitter hangout on twitter. It holds every second friday of the month by 6:00-8:00pm.

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