#SSW–\”Help! I Am Addicted To Pornography\” Tweets By @NikeAdedokun

1. Hello great people. Am glad to share with you once again tonight on #SSW. Thank you @funto_i . God bless you.  @gaisebaba @kemi_odutayo @taraene

2. I am @NikeAdedokun and I have to confess to you about an addiction, pardon me, let us go back the line to 3years from now.#SSW

3. I have a problem, I am shy about this but I want a way out so let me just pour it out of my chest. Help! I am addicted to Pornography.#SSW

4. I know you want to judge me but hey, am just a human like you and am battling with a lot of sexual addictions.#SSW

5. I started watching pornography at the age of 13. It wasn\’t my fault though as I just had to keep myself busy while at home since my parent couldn\’t afford to pay my school fees.#SSW

6. I became so idle that I kept repeating films until I got into a disk bag in the wardrobe, I refuse to mention whose bag. I was ignorant so I just picked up a film.#SSW

7. I remember the title as \”Hotel Erotica\”. It wasn\’t too raw but it was porn. I got amazed at the sight of naked people having sex.#SSW

8. I should have removed the film immediately but I kept watching it because I loved how it made me feel. Capture it and Delete it.#SSW

9. Little did I know that I ws about to start a journey into the sexual lust of the mind. I kept visiting the bag for more films, blue films I mean.#SSW

10a. It became consistent and my brain began to store a lot of raw scenes. I kept judging the actors for being so immoral but I never knew I was part of them.#SSW

10b. Why? Don\’t judge a person because they sin differently from you. Whether you watch or act it, you are both committing the same act.#SSW

11. When I forget to remove the disk from the VCD or there is a power off, I would make sure I stick close to the shelf to avoid being caught.#SSW

12. I continued for a long time till I graduated into downloading it online especially from wapdam.com.#SSW

13. I became so obsessed that if there are no films to watch or phone to download from, I play back the scenes in my mind.#SSW

14. Even during prayer sessions, school hours et al, I was always engaged with the brain organ and my sexual organ.#SSW

15. My body became a tool of seduction as I always rehearsed having sex in real life with either male or female. I was okay with any style.#SSW

16. I became a prostitute, a lesbian, a sex addict in my little world called \”The Mind\”. I couldn\’t talk about it so I just kept it in my diary.#SSW

17. I started masturbating as a result of watching blue films and my life began to sank as I replaced my relationship with God with the sexual world.#SSW

18. I always enjoyed my company not because I loved boredom or had something reasonable to do but because my mind needed to be in action.#SSW

19. I Slept with every crush I had in my mind ranging from celebrities, to class mates to neighbours et al, I just enjoyed the sensation.#SSW

20. I became so used to my body that a man wasn\’t necessary to experience orgasm yet I was a virgin, that\’s how we deceive ourselves though.#SSW

21. While in university, I became worse since I was staying alone. I always enjoyed my \”ALONE TIME\” not to pray but to meditate on sexual thought.#SSW

22. I never knew it was wrong and I wondered if other people experienced such things. I felt weird and I loved it.#SSW

23. Even as a church worker, I still gambled with the lust of the mind. I just couldn\’t help it and my life became so rotten.#SSW

24. My spiritual life became nothing and I often felt like God hated me , I just never knew he was waiting for my healing.#SSW

25. Every sermon pricked at me but I couldn\’t let go. I tried so hard, I got deliberate but I never prayed about it and I remained stucked.#SSW

26. I always felt bad when friends have special encounters with God in church but I was never on the list. I knew my life stinked and devil kept telling me off.#SSW

27. After every act behind the screen was an heart away from God. I always felt guilty and helpless but one day…….#SSW

28. I got tired, my relationship got wrecked. God needed my service so He began to work on me through brokenness and purification.#SSW

29. The Holyspirit had to help me become better, I spoke to no one and it delayed my healing process but I kept trying, sometimes I failed.#SSW

30. Now, I have become a total different version of my past because I prayed and acted. I asked for His help while I became deliberate also.#SSW

31. I threw away every film that caused me to fall, I stopped reading romance novels, I started avoiding some friends and I started my journey to freedom.#SSW

32. Maybe you are out there hoping that one day God would help you out of every sexual addiction. Relax and Act!#SSW

33. He is waiting for your call. Be it smoking, sexual lust, masturbation, pornography et al. He is willing to help. Stop the guilt. I understand and He does.#SSW

34. A lot of people are wrecked in the act of sexual satisfaction and are never contented. So what is pornography?#SSW

35. Pornography is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter in an erotic nature. It doesn\’t happen in the real sense, it also happens in the mind.#SSW

36. You need to cast away every unclean thought to the obedience of God, ask for His help and also work out every means of avoiding triggers.#SSW

37. Admittance and Openness is necessary for healing. Commitment and deliberate actions are not necessary too.#SSW

38. I had to admit, seek help, read books, and constantly prayed for brokenness but today I have become a free person.#SSW

39. Most people are ignorant, while some careless,I don\’t know your category but every lust of the mind equals Adultery.#SSW

40. I urge you to take bold steps today and let God heal you. Talk to a therapist today. Share your story and let God help you.#SSW

41. Have you ordered for the Ebook on the \”The Journey to a Masturbation-Free Life\”? It is a remedy to recover from different forms of sexual addictions.

42. Pay for the Ebook to GTB: Adenike Adedokun/ 0050407100 for #1000 and send your name and mail to my inbox, BBM contact or adenikeadedokun@gmail.com

43. Choose to live healthy and stay purified! Thanks for your retweets and feedback. I await more of it. I am a New Eve. Cheers.#SSW

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