1. Hello awesome family, it\’s a great day again and am glad to share life changing words with you to birth a greater future.#TheFuture

2. I am Adenike Adedokun, a Relationship and Sexuality Coach. I help people build healthy relationships, emotional balanced minds & sexually purified lives.#Thefuture

3. I want to create in you an urge to see life in a different way. Our future would be brighter if we all had our sight because many are blind to purpose.#Thefuture

4. When I was growing, I didn\’t realise there was more to life than eating, drinking, school, marriage, church et al. That\’s just the normal trend.#Thefuture

5. I want to group life in 3 categories, I urge you to pen this down. When am done, figure out where you belong & dare to take a step of change.#TheFuture

6. The wasted life, the spent life and the invested life. View life as a gift and resources. Let\’s break them down#TheFuture

7. I started by living a WASTED LIFE, it was all about satisfying the needs of the body physically (food, dress,luxuries), sexually, emotionally & financially.#Thefuture

8. There was no purpose or bearing attached to my life, rather, I lived an insignificant life. I was in the midst of people who had no bearing too so we journeyed together.#Thefuture

9a. I knew I had talents in me like singing, dancing, writing, errrrrmmm, can\’t name them all but it was just for my books and room.#Thefuture

9b. A wasted life is a careless life. It is spent chasing the lowest things of life. Refusing to take advantage of life\’s opportunities.#TheFuture

10. Someday I graduated into the spent life, a spent life is a life lived in acquiring possessions for self ambition and profit. Living to impress others.#TheFuture

11. It started with an encounter. A seminar was organised in my school and we had the likes of @iamsteveharris , @damilolaonline and others.#Thefuture

12. It was for a fee of #500, I was so eager to attend even though my friends either complained of money or were not interested.#TheFuture

13. Am so glad I wasn\’t motivated by them but by an inner force to step up, to dare to stand out. I went & even had extra ticket, I called friends to attend but they refused.

14. I never knew that was my turning point. Oh, @iamsteveharris killed the show. His life story changed my perspective and I resurrected.#TheFuture

15. I promised myself that I was going to chase my greatness. He said \”it is not what you don\’t have that limits you, it is what you have but don\’t know how to use\”.#Thefuture

16. I realized finance wasn\’t the problem, I just needed to tap into my potentials so I started finding means to evolve. Have you tapped yours?#TheFuture

17. When I started, it was more about the spent life, achieving more to impress and gain more, though with mankind involved but I had wrong role models and mentors.#Thefuture

18. So I continually asked God for his manual for my life beyond self ambition & gradually, he brought me closer to situations & people who could help me gain focus.#Thefuture

19. Then my invested life started developing. There is nothing as blessed as living for others, their smile, their greatness, it\’s selfless, that\’s what Christ did.#TheFuture

20. Let\’s pick lesson from my story so follow through and get ready to learn. Let\’s go.#TheFuture

21. Everyone would have to go through the 3 stages but don\’t stay on the first two for too long, discover your purpose and be determined to be different.#Thefuture

22. Your friends may not help you forge ahead but a personal craving & decision for change can erupt an encounter with your MAKER.#TheFuture

23. I insisted on going even when all others said No. You have got to learn what to focus on & be deaf & blind to other enticing alternatives.#Thefuture

24. If you don\’t push yourself, you may stay too long at the wrong place. Your friends & what you invest on can determine how fast you ride.#Thefuture

25. Now I have my ministry, and am so honored to be used by God in blessing lives by turning my scars into blessings, past into gains. Do the same.#TheFuture

26. The man in John 9:1-7 was born blind. We were all born blind to receive sight on earth from the anointed hands of our creator.#TheFuture

27. Not by man\’s default but for the glorification of God that his light may shine upon our lives. You cannot deliver the future without God\’s grace.#TheFuture

28. Do your part and let God do His part too. God blesses the works of our hands. Faith without work is dead. Get a reliable mentor too.#TheFuture

29. Blindness can keep you down, begging mainly for survival. When the light comes, dependence on God results to a life of grace with expressions of grace.#TheFuture

30. I would love to form great words from the hash tag  \”#TheFuture\”. Sure it would make more sense to you.

31. T– Thanksgiving: Always give thanks to God for your life so that He can open more doors of greatness for you.#Thefuture

32. H– Honesty: Live a life of integrity as this would determine the extent of your relationship with others. Destiny helpers abound around you.#TheFuture

33. E– Excellence: Strive for excellence. A diligent man would be rewarded & greater opportunities would be opened. Do your best at what you do.#TheFuture

34. F– Friends: Your friends determine your future. Your company determines your speed and motivation. Don\’t settle for mediocrity.#TheFuture

35. U– Understand your purpose. Seek more knowledge on it. Understand your focus and stay on your lane. Don\’t be everywhere. Be somewhere. Take a stand.#TheFuture

36. T– Training Your talent can only be polished when you have undergone trainings to become more skilled. Seek for knowledge. #TheFuture

37. U–  Unleash: Unleash positive words into your life. God created the world by the word in the spirit. You can create your world too. Speak positively about yourself.#TheFuture

38. R– Results : Be productive so as to get better results. Great people strive to make goals, plan & project good results for greater influence.#TheFuture

39. E– Environment: Create the right environment & be in the right environment. Your environment would not limit you if you use it wisely & take charge.#TheFuture

40. So now it\’s in your hands to discover it, live it & use your potentials for your advantage. Go for it & chase your greatness. You rock.#TheFuture

41. Thanks for your retweets, feedback and contributions. I await more. There is a King in you. I rise with the mind of God as a New Eve.#TheFuture

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