#SinglesDate – Letter To Boaz and Ruth: Who should I marry? Tweets By Sola Adio

Welcome to #SinglesDate with @NikeAdedokun

I have been requested by @NikeAdedokun to write a letter to singles today using the hashtag #SinglesDate

@NikeAdedokun is a woman I love and respect so much for the job that she\’s doing on social media. Please follow her. #SinglesDate

I have 2 letters to write this evening. The first one is to Boaz. The other one is to Ruth. #SinglesDate

Boaz is our preferred nickname in the #SoulTies family for the man who fears and loves God with his whole heart. #SinglesDate

Boaz is the name of that brother who has submitted his sexuality to God and decided not to act like the world. #SinglesDate

Boaz is the name of that brother who doesn\’t believe that spending on woman should attract a sexual response. #SinglesDate

Ruth is our preferred nickname in the #SoulTies family for the woman who fears and loves God with her whole heart. #SinglesDate

Ruth is the name of that woman who has submitted her sexuality to God and decided not to act like the world. #SinglesDate

Ruth is the name of that sister who doesn\’t judge by financial consideration but by God’s direction through prayer. #SinglesDate

Letter to Boaz starts now. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don’t marry a woman who has no financial education who only believes money should be spent and not multiplied. #SinglesDate

Boaz, it matters if u marry a woman wit a consumer or investment mentality. Avoid a woman who will blow d family fortune. #SinglesDate

Boaz, you may not have heard your dad say nice things to validate your mum. But it matters that you validate your wife. #SinglesDate

Boaz, whatever that lady is not in Potiphar\’s house or in jail, she can\’t suddenly become because you married her. #SinglesDate

Boaz, you reduce your chances of marrying the wrong person to zero by hearing God. #SinglesDate

Boaz, put your ears close to the mouth of God and don’t move until you hear His voice. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don’t just desire a woman because she looks good and she activates your erection. There’s more to life than sex. #SinglesDate

Boaz, people easily replicate patterns that are strong in their families. Don\’t ignore such patterns in her family. #SinglesDate

Boaz, Marriage involves us willingly committing your futures to each other. Ask ANY question to allay my fears. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don’t mess sisters up emotionally. They are God’s precious jewels and you don\’t want Him to hide them from you. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don’t let your erection determine your direction. Hot sex can influence your decision. Avoid fornication. #SinglesDate

Boaz, marry a woman of vision, her perspective, faith & support will change your reality. U married wrong if it doesn’t. #SinglesDate

Boaz, u need to pray for discernment. Lesbians r conning men into sham marriages & carrying on with their affairs. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don\’t propose till u have prayed in tongues 4 hours to pick things from ur spirit ur mind knows nothing about #SinglesDate

Boaz, ask questions discretely about her. It may save you from a lifetime of heartache and pain. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don\’t get carried away by every \”I love you\” u hear from a woman. Some are said to entice u so u can be used. #SinglesDate

Boaz, don\’t let ur decision to marry be based on sexiness. Even Bozos are smart enough not to do that. #SinglesDate

Boaz, there\’s a reason why Bozos don\’t marry women as sexy and pretty as their female sex tools. Most Bozos think ahead. #SinglesDate

Boaz, when it\’s time to marry, it\’s not about how she looks but how she makes u feel and what God has to say about her. #SinglesDate

Boaz, any sister who wants to hurriedly bind you into a commitment without you hearing from God, has something to hide #SinglesDate

Boaz, easiest time to know who loves u for who u are is when u have nothing. When u are rich, u need discernment. #SinglesDate

Boaz, if a woman packages a thing away from u, u can never see it. God sees all. Don’t go ahead without God\’s approval. #SinglesDate

Boaz, pray and also make a few discrete enquiries about who you want to marry. It may cut your praying time drastically. #SinglesDate

Boaz, in days of obscurity only a sister who has the spirit of God will see u. The blackberry ones won\’t see u, which is fine. #SinglesDate

Boaz, use ur days of obscurity to believe God for a woman filled with d spirit of God who will see the God in u & love u. #SinglesDate

Boaz, you need to deal with those #SoulTies now else your decision on whom you marry could be based on #SoulTies #SinglesDate

Boaz, I could say a lot more but my dear friend @NikeAdedokun would love to hear me say something to Ruth as well #SinglesDate

Boaz, I pray that the God of heaven who guided Abraham’s servant to Rebecca will guide you to your woman of destiny. #SinglesDate

Letter to Ruth starts now #SinglesDate

Ruth, you are the apple of God’s eye. You are God’s masterpiece. You are the result of God’s excellent carving skills. #SinglesDate

Ruth, satan hates your guts. It explains why every archaic culture and religion demotes and dehumanises you. #SinglesDate

Ruth, in Christ, God has designed a place of honour and dignity with Boaz. Boaz is meant to improve you. #SinglesDate

Ruth, you can never be too strong for Boaz. Boaz can never be intimidated by you cos God sent him to improve you. #SinglesDate

Ruth, now that you are in Christ, tongue-talking, devil-chasing,bible-waving, there’s one key area where satan lurks. #SinglesDate

Ruth, satan lurks in the area of ur emotions. He seeks to deceive u in the area of emotions like d serpent did to Eve. #SinglesDate

Ruth, no matter how great your calling is, satan knows the last place to hurt you is in your emotional life. #SinglesDate

Ruth, great woman of God, Kathryn Kuhlman married a guy called Waltrip despite saying she couldn\’t find God’s will in it. #SinglesDate

Ruth, she drove to her friends on her wedding night and wept, saying that the marriage was a mistake. #SinglesDate

Ruth, to add salt to injury, it was Waltrip who divorced her. All this was not part of God’s plan #SinglesDate

Ruth, satan knows he can’t touch your anointing. He knows your emotions are the weakest part of you. #SinglesDate

Ruth, satan knows what catches your attention. He knows about your #SoulTies with validation, money & attention. #SinglesDate

Ruth, I have seen many technically and spiritually astute women fall short in the area of emotions. #SinglesDate

Ruth, put your ears next to the mouth of God and only do what He tells you to do, only do what He tells you to do #SinglesDate

Ruth, not every man who turns up to say \”I love you\” really does. Many say it to just get in between your legs to milk you. #SinglesDate

Ruth, don\’t let Bozo con you into sending him your vagina pictures. Bozo is a dude acting on hell\’s instructions. #SinglesDate

Ruth, don\’t be fooled by silver and gold. You are God\’s priceless jewel. You can\’t be bought. #SinglesDate

Ruth, I know u missed out on the validation in your childhood & teenage years but don\’t let Bozo con you into tragedy #SinglesDate

Ruth, I would have loved to dig deeper into the inner recesses of your heart but let\’s save the gist for another time. #SinglesDate

Boaz & Ruth, may the God of heaven, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ cause you both to meet to raise seed unto God. #SinglesDate

I would close by saying “@NikeAdedokun, I love you plenty, you are a mix of beauty & grace. You are blessed.”. #SinglesDate

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