The Diary Of A Woman In love (What Women Really Want From Men)

Every woman has different attributes that makes them feel unique and attractive. Men always feel that all women wants is just money and luxury, but do you know that there are some men with no cash that touches the heart of some women?
A woman can like you because of what you have but you can only steal her heart by touching the right pedals. So beyond the common strategies used by men to woo ladies, there should be a common ground to get any woman. Most players always get ladies down easily because they know the tricks. I would highlight some basic tips here. So men , start smiling.
Women love attention. Seriously, some men need to understand that women love more attention than they do. She loves to be cared and pampered for. When a woman is into you, she would crave for your attention than anything. Spending more time with other things and people would only make her feel like an option. Men, show her some care. Ask about her welfare, give her feedback. I really want attention. I love to be cared for. So many women wants that too.
Women love little touches. We are not talking about sex here but women sometimes like to hold hands or feel your presence. She loves some form of sincere intimacy. It makes her feel comfortable. You can find out if you want. You don\’t always have to think it\’s about sex. What more can sex do if it has not helped the divorced couples or the street girls?
Women love to see you at the upfront in spiritual matters. She needs you to encourage her about growing up spiritually. You should be her first mentor. Not all ladies love these, but responsible women do! Women love men who act in the God-fearing manner, that\’s why they fall for men all in the name of church activities. There is a different between the common \”God-fearing\” and the actual walking with God. It goes beyond going to church, she wants to see it in your actions. You should be the one to introduce spiritual routines to strengthen the union and she would be glad you did.
Women love surprises. Yeah! No matter how small your gifts maybe, she likes the idea. For materialistic ladies, this doesn\’t apply because they want more than a mere gift.
Women love listeners. Women talk a lot and they want a man that can stay around, listen for hours and giv e a feedback. Don\’t be too quick to ignore or run away from the talk. Women are real talkative. Live with it and make the conversation more interesting. Don\’t be surprised if she leases out more secrets than you bargained for.
Women love when you take your time to search deep into her heart. Don\’t expect her to tell you all her problems easily. She wants to be sure you are interested and concerned. She may be silent about her problems but she wants you to go extra mile to find out. Giving up on the quest reveals your uncaring attitude.
Women love every romantic tricks. Some men are just not romantic. Little things could mean romance at any time. From a designed photograph of hers to a little lunch with some arranged music playing. It could be a public display of your love and little surprises. She just love the romantic man and she would keep falling everyday.
Women love a confident man. A woman want a man that is mature, realistic and responsible. She wants someone she can always count on. A man who can strengthen her in place of her weakness. She doesn\’t want a child as her man. She wants a man who is not a mama\’s boy, who doesn\’t need to ask the whole world for an opinion about his life and the relationship.
Women are not so complex like you think, they are just like babies that needs to be pampered and cared for.
Treat a woman like a baby and she would treat you like a king.
Hmmmmn, I hope am really speaking every girls mind here but am seriously doing good justice, *winks*.
So ladies, what do you think?
There is so much more a woman wants but let\’s do with this few.
Men, is It such a great task?
An article that reveals what men wants would be posted soon, hang around for it.

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