The Fake Life Behind Paparazzi Weddings

There is a beautiful salon on my street, beautifully carved and designed for the high and classy babes in town. It\’s not just a salon but a small shoprite that contains all the goodies you can chew while making your hair. It has the latest facilities like air conditioner, imported washing set, deep freezers, et al. As beautiful as the salon looks, all my friends have had bad experiences with the stylist which doesn\’t promise a second chance. How come its beautiful on the outside and ugly in the inside?

Luke 12:23- \”Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing\”.

Sometimes, in a bid to impress people, we loose on some other learning grounds that we should work on.

Am not sharing on salons but on the fake life behind most paparazzi weddings.

So many websites out there put up a lot of relationship success stories and their wedding events which always look glamorous and awesome.

These acts may look special to the couples but it mostly sends wrong signals to the people reading it.

Some people are now so desperate about having a glamorous wedding, beautiful romantic entrance and luxurious events. The pre-wedding and honey moon pictures doesn\’t just add pepper to the wounds but create a provocative spirit on some ladies to have a do or die event.

Must your wedding be so glamorous?

So many marriages have crashed Inspite of their beautiful wedding. Don\’t be so carried away by your desire to impress that you forget the necessary preparation for a quality marriage.

I don\’t have problems with the whole luxury, I just wish to know if these couples really prepared for their marriage like they did for their wedding.

Why should a couple borrow money to have a wedding? People always talk but it for a while but in some months later, your wedding becomes an history and your problems after wedding becomes the latest news and juicy story to be spread around. That\’s what humans are good at.

A guy went on to borrow money from some friends to have the craziest, sexiest, most luxurious wedding among his friends, the lady didn\’t just feel on top of the world but like a super cinderella that would never have to return home at twelve. The first two years of the wedding was like living in hell. He kept drinking, smoking and abusing his wife physically. She was the only girl in her family with brothers who always had to intervene in the matter. They ended up beating him up and throwing him out of the house for the loan he received and for maltreating their sister. So it became a battle between friends and family versus the romantic wannabe groom.

Two years down the line, they separated and are still having issues till now. So what did the luxury do for them? Nothing! Only put words in people\’s mouth.

Why not prepare for your marriage and have a convenient wedding. A good marriage cannot be judged by the luxury of the outlay.

Am not saying you should not have a loud wedding that would be the talk of the town but don\’t try to impress people. Cut your coat according to your pocket.

This lifestyle has become a nightmare for some guys because they are forced to join the status quo. They have to source for funds at any means. Why not do what you can afford and focus on having a good marriage. Its up to you to create a beautiful picture. You can have a small wedding packaged with a lot of juicy and romantic sessions that would not be easily forgotten.

Be wise about decisions in life. Don\’t live to impress or oppress people. There is more to marriage than the whole paparazzi involved.

The creativity behind luxury weddings cannot be over-emphasised but let it be more than the glamour.

Are you prepared?

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