Unfolding The Beauty Of Singleness

I know this may sound ridiculous but there are actually some nice benefits of being a single. One of the beauty of Singleness is understanding your uniqueness. Am not saying you should remain a single for life but if you are still single, there are some things you should develop yourself in.

Singles have time to prepare for somethings that the engaged or the married maybe distracted at.

Discovering your purpose and living a focused life is one of the great benefits. At a young age, you should strive to become a better person. Get skilled at what you love most. Since you have no lover to worry about, you could concentrate more at being a better person efficiently.

Acquiring knowledge in preparation for marriage is also one of it. You need to prepare for marriage and not in marriage.

Read books, attend seminars, listen to messages, pray harder , get wisdom from real life experiences, get counselling on relationship before jumping into a committed one. When you acquire some knowledge,it will help you choose rightly.

You need to know the kind of partner you should end up with. You need to be able to complement yourself. You need to know how to be a good husband or wife. Nobody will complete you, they would only complement you.

Learn how to spice up the home, handle chores and enhance your love life. It\’s not about getting married for fun, child bearing, pressure, changing names, finding comfort etc. It\’s about ending with someone who you can be happy with, share some values with and can assist you in making your dreams come true. You need to pray to let God direct you too.

When you are adequately prepared, you would know and attract the right kind of person inwardly. It would help you to position yourself rightly. You need to be with someone that can help you, your ministry and to also help you make heaven too. Don’t be with someone that can limit you and stop you from achieving your goals. The fact here is that, you need to spend your single age acquiring knowledge and discovering your purpose so that you will get it right the first time rather than jumping from one place to another.

Being a single is not a curse. It opens your eyes to better things and opportunities. Before you say yes, consider so many things too. If you have suffered from a break up, use your experience to learn and understand better to avoid making mistakes. Don\’t make decisions on emotional feelings.

If you are in a relationship already, have you tried finding out if you both can achieve something great together. Is he supportive? Can you share ideas? Can he/she limit you? Do you share the same dreams? Has God confirmed the person? Do you have same values? Don’t just waste your time being a good wife or husband to a boyfriend/girlfriend material. Have you ever sat down together to discuss about your future? Marry value not beauty. Get wise now. Make use of your “no worry” time.

This is the best time to draw nearer to God. That experience would lift your body, soul and spirit by consistent fellowship with God.

Stay healthy and be you-ti-fied

Be Wise! Be Real!! Be You!!!

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