Taming Your Sexual Urges Tweets On #AlrightsPassion

1. Hello. Am so glad to share here again on #AlrightsPassion. Let the presence of God flow through the tweets.#AlrightsPassion

2. I am a Relationship and Sexuality Coach. I help people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds & sexually purified lives.

3. I would be sharing on how to \”Hold-body\” –Taming your sexual urges. This is so necessary to understand.#AlrightsPassion

4. Your sexuality is your right. It is a part of you. Understanding the dynamics does the gimmick. #AlrightsPassion

5. Dealing with one\’s sexuality is one of the most difficult and necessary thing to do yet lot of people hide under this suffering.#AlrightsPassion

6. Every action that we display is a function of the thoughts in our minds. If you can tame your mind, you can tame your sexual urge. How?

7. It is not a crime to have sexual craving, it is what you do with it that matters. It occurs in male and female.#AlrightsPassion

8. Sexual craving occurs from babyhood, even babies play with their bodies ignorantly during the stage of development. #AlrightsPassion

9. Most teenagers lack the orientation of sex education thereby releasing their sexual tension on self exploration. #AlrightsPassion

10. When I started having sexual urges, I didn\’t know how to control it so I just turned it into the \”PASSION OF MY SOUL\”.#AlrightsPassion

11. I played with my mind and it worsened when I got involved in pornography. I had more real scenes to relate with.#AlrightsPassion

12. If you don\’t learn to control your sexual urges early in life, it can be a factor in determining the pace of your destiny.#AlrightsPassion

13. You need to first realise the effects of not taming your sexual urges before you can decide to \”HOLD-BODY\”. It takes understanding.#AlrightsPassion

14. Ask yourself why you want to tame your urges, \”Is it for moral/Religious reasons or for other reasons?#AlrightsPassion

15. Then avoid triggers that creates spontaneous actions in your sexual life.#Alrightspassion

16. Find out what easily triggers yout body and move against it. If you are moved by romantic scenes, avoid it.#AlrightsPassion

15. It takes determination to tame your sexual urges. Like it or not, you need to take a step of faith to Self control.

16. Some people have high libido and it can be very difficult to tame but it still requires a decision. Taming is of the Body & the Mind.

17. Going for medical help and other therapy can help to control but I am sure of one friend who helps control the mind and the body.

18. As Christians, we shouldn\’t be moved by the flesh, not easy but it pays. That\’s why my friend is always willing to help.

19. I wish I had learnt this earlier. I won\’t have suffered from sexual lust of the mind. It wasn\’t an easy battle I must say.

20. Taming is deliberate and supernatural. You have to avoid whatever would prompt you into action. So who is this friend?

21. The Holyspirit is a helper and comforter. He helped me. I really don\’t know of any other help.

22. In as much as doctors can advise, God\’s help is final and pure. It cleanses you and promises you better future help ahead.

23. It starts by releasing yourself and asking God for help. Romans 8 differentiates living in flesh and in spirit.

24. For every physical occurrence, there is a spiritual effects to it. So your actions should be physical and spiritual.

25. In letting go, I would love to break the steps into 3 A\’s. ADMIT. ATTITUDE. AVOID.#AlrightsPassion

26. Admit your sexuality and find a way of taming it. You understand your body more than I do.#AlrightsPassion

27. I have discovered my weak point and easy triggers and have made it a duty to work against it.#AlrightsPassion

28. Anything like romantic movies, books, talks. I try as much as possible to avoid it. Yours could be touch.#AlrightsPassion

29. Find out yours and use it in understanding your sexuality then the next battle occurs; THE MIND.#AlrightsPassion

30. Don\’t forget that the chaste body is good but sexual purity is the key and main goal.#AlrightsPassion

31. Avoid friends that corrupts your mind. Avoid explicit scenes that triggers you. Very necessary.

32. Deliberately pull away from anything that can arouse you into commiting sexual sins.#AlrightsPassion

33. A- Attitude -What is your secret sexual life all about? #AlrightsPassion

34. Every time I get aroused , I quickly remind myself of the place of God and my sexual purity Goal. This helps to discipline me.#AlrightsPassion

35. I don\’t know your TURN ON but you must learn to awaken the spirit man in you to TURN OFF every carnal act.

36. It\’s not easy but your determination makes it easier for the HolySpirit to help you. It starts with YOU.#AlrightsPassion

37. Your attitude towards your sexuality determines the effect it can have on you. I love ny goal: SEXUAL PURITY & am sticking to it.

38. So what is your place? To enjoy the fun or flee from every appearance of evil and sin.#AlrightsPassion

39. You can always talk to me. Let\’s work against lustful desires, masturbation, pornography et al. We can do it by God\’s grace.

40. Any distraction? Jump up and flee. It would come but let it be subject to you. Be in control. May God help us all.

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