The Dummies Guide To Knowing The 5 Stages of Love


Franklin and Elizabeth have been dating for two years. They met at the cinemas during a movie exhibition. They got close and built a relationship afterwards. The following things happened in between:

Two months after they met, they became madly in love with each other and almost became inseparable. They went almost everywhere together. Even their friends began to envy their bond.-Stage 1(Attraction)

Along the line,they decided to upscale from friends to intimate lovers. The whole spark became brighter and better. Franklin saw Elizabeth as the woman of his dreams. Elizabeth on the other hand was skeptical about him but couldn\’t help but fall for him.- Stage 2(Dating) 

In the early part of their relationship, they began to get very close and their weaknesses began to show forth. They argued almost every time over their differences in opinion, lifestyle and choices. Their temperament became a war. It almost became a regrettable decision to have built a relationship but in the process, they kept fighting for each other. They knew they could scale through it. They decided to get intentional about their relationship by communicating about their differences and understanding why they act the way they do and they did.- Stage 3(Commitment phase)

After a while, they became close enough to understand themselves. Their fight lessened and they became stronger together. All their arguments in the past became a stepping stone to a better and effective relationship.- Stage 4(Bonding phase)

At the end of the day, they decided to upgrade to a more committed relationship-Marriage. They are now all over each other. They have become friends and are ready to face life together. They have also decided to find out more about each other patterns by going for relationship therapy sessions. They are currently planning to get hooked and their families are so happy for them.-Stage 5(Conversion phase)

Phew! Have you noticed this pattern in relationships also?

PS: Most people never go past the third phase. They get tired of working for the relationship and give up on each other, sometimes for good and sometimes, out of laziness to make it work. Not all friendship must lead to a relationship and not all relationships should lead to marriage. The same phase happens in marriage too.

Nike Adedokun

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