The Good And Bad Sides Of Pride In A Relationship



Pride is one thing that can bring a man down anytime, any day. No one wants to have anything with the proud. It pays to be humble. Somehow we still bring pride in to our relationships. Believe it or not ,pride has a lot to do with
how we act in relationships.

Pride come in two forms. The one at the initial part of the relationship and during the relationship. It has different effects for men and ladies.

The question is, when is pride a good or bad thing in a relationship? I believe that pride is an asset especially in
the beginning of a relationship. Your
pride helps to hold up your high standards.

Pride won't let you be second place to anyone and therefore reflects your self worth.

Pride helps a man not too become too desperate also. It helps him control himself in the area of gaining his respect and being the Man.

This type of pride, demonstrated by love for self, is healthy in the beginning of a relationship.

Pride should be the reason you don't give too much of yourself too early in the relationship. Example: Don't call or text, let him contact you! Don't
offer to go to his place, let him come to you. The key is to let him express how much he likes you before you reciprocate. This is what you can do while he is trying to get you just to prove your worth. You can freely doing them in the relationship.

Men , you don't have to beg her everytime for something. If she is wrong, let her know she is, it would earn you your respect.

Ladies, even if you are head over heals for a guy, don't show it! Let your pride hold you back from making yourself vulnerable. Allow the guy to chase
you enough before you give in. You don't have to prove too hard to the core but don't be too easy.

The disadvantages of lacking Pride and thus giving too much of yourself too early are as follows:

For a man,

1. A lady would take you for granted if she sense any form of desperation.

2. She would likely not be submissive during the relationship so start fighting for your respect during the chase.

For Ladies,

1. Men will most likely take advantage of a woman who gives too much too soon and not appreciate her.

2. A man is more likely to get tired of women who gives too much.

3. Giving too much too soon will NOT advance the relationship compared to a woman who is more reserved.

Looking at the other part of pride. If you thought holding on to your pride was hard, letting go of your pride is even harder! Once you are in a long term, loving relationship, knowing when to let go of pride is the tricky part. You must be confident in yourself and in your partner.

Letting go of pride requires a mature
person. Letting go of pride should be done by a woman who knows where she
stands in the relationship and has a
mutual emotional dependency with her
partner. By a man, who knows what he want and how to BE THE MAN.

When you begin to wait for who to call first after an argument, pride is setting in. When you begin to feel you cannot be corrected, that's pride.

Love and respect must be
unquestionable and in full effect.

Bottom line: Once love is born, pride dies. For those who study love
understand that pride is the opposite of love.

If you really love someone you will do
things that pride once prevented you to do.

Consider the deeper things in life you do for love like: forgiveness, affection, acts of service and kindness, give gifts, and use words of endearment.

"Love is stronger than pride."

My advise is: Let pride go and let love grow!

#Love and Be Loved.

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