The Three Appearances Of Love 2

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If you cannot treat yourself nice to a special outing without being on a date, then you are being unfair to yourself.  We are most times not conscious about our body or health. If you cannot eat good food, then you are playing with your health. So how then can you improve another man\’s health? Mind your environment.  Enjoy your company. Mingle with good friends. Don\’t be depressed. That\’s devil vices to make you feel unloved and worthless. Always learn to be mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually stable to live a balanced life.

The third appearance of love is found in caring for your neighbours or loving another. Basically loving another. You have to pass the undiluted love from yourself to another. You shouldn\’t go searching for love in the wrong places.  You don\’t hook up with the unbelievers for godly and true relationships (2 Corinthians 6: 14a). God would not drop a partner from heaven to your door steps so you need to do the search. Your partner may not necessarily be in the church but caution is the key. Going online looking for true love isn\’t the best option too. Even if you meet someone online, be quick to meet and get to know each better before blindly falling in love. Ladies shouldn\’t even travel to meet a guy for the first time.  You can\’t start hunting by yourself.  Show some worth. If a guy insist on you coming, he simply wants to do some observation and evaluation.

Going into a relationship with an unbeliever can shift your attention away from God. Devil use relationships as a tool of bringing Christians down so you have to be vigilant. Avoid premarital sex, drugs,  masturbation etc in your relationships.  That\’s not a godly one. Watch and pray so the devil doesn\’t make you a prey ( 2 Corinthians 2:11). The best way to start is by seeking God help and counsel first.  Put it in prayer and He would lead you aright. God keeps his chosen in line with their purpose if they seek his counsel. Run from every Bozo and settle for Boaz. Seek not the way of a Delilah when we have the Ruths. Don\’t fall in love based on your mere body feelings, sexual urge or immoral attraction. Don\’t settle for a man or woman who would use your body as a proof of love. Don\’t settle for a person who doesn\’t have interest in God. It would drag you down. Don\’t go into a relationship with just your heart but your brain in full function.  God has the best plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

Find love in the heart of people who yearn for God. Search for it in people who has vision and would be a pillar not an obstacle. Love is an action word. Love is not about finding the best partner but becoming the best partner for someone out there and together you can make a GREAT RELATIONSHIP.

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