What Has Age Got To Do With It?

While growing, So many of us always tag ourselves with the age at which we want to start a relationship. When we were 15years or more, we would tell our friends we would like to be married at the age of 21years or more. Some feels 25years is the best age, while some feels it is too late to wait till then.

Ladies especially are fond of giving themselves an age range of when they would love to be married but the truth is that we even get into a relationship at an early age, lets say from 16, 17years or more, some are even less. We begin to nuture it thinking it would grow till we are ready for marriage itself.

Opeyemi was 16years when she met sukannmi in her 1st year in the University Of Lagos. Sukannmi was also in his first year too. It was love at first sight for them. They got so close. They read together, ate together, walked together and were known in campus to be so close. They began to think of starting a relationship. Opeyemi talked to me about it and I made her understand that it wasnt the best time for her to think about falling in love. She still had some years ahead of her. Her present state needs more of her focus, time and concentration. She should work on how to be better in school and also create time to be useful for God in her church rather than start a relationship in her first year. She kept giving reasons like, \”but we are close, we love each other, we are bestfriends and we even read together so it can help our studies too\”. Yeah!, you read together but by the time it graduates into an intimate relationship, some other things will take the place of studies. She would have to start proving her love and the likes. A relationship at that stage is a mere distaraction.

She didnt want to listen. She was just 16years and he was 18years. He still had a whole life ahead of him. A man has to struggle in school for 4years or more, go for service, look for a job and start living the responsible life of a man who wants to settle down soon. He might even want to settle down in 10 years time. Looking at the rate of unemployment in the country, who knows when he would even get a job and she would have to be waiting for all that if he has not left her by then.

The truth is that it is better to focus on school first, get your degree. If a good man or lady comes along the line, do it the right way. You dont have to rush or wait for years. When the right time comes, things will fall into place. Age matters to some extent. They are both not emotionally, financially and physically ready to maintain a relationship. A lot of decisons needs to be taken and they are not ready for that yet. She may even meet someone else in her 2nd year and start getting confused. Dating a person in your department or faculty is more of a distraction to your purpose in school especially if you are still very young. So many risk of sacrifices, unwanted pregnancies, missing class etc just to keep the relationship going. Some relationship has graduated into marriage from school days but a lot must have happened in between.

I think its better to wait to a certain age before you start thinking of starting a relationship. Maturity is not age likewise.

The best time to start a relationship is when you are physically, mentally, emotionally , spiritually and financially ready for the commitments invloved. For now, play safe and think right.

Age may be important in the sense that, a 16years old person is not matured age wise to start a relationship but a lady of 20years, even 18years might be acceptable but maturity is the key to starting early. If you can handle the decisions, choices, sacrifices, commitments etc, then you are key.

Age plays a minimal role in the law of relationships but should also not be ignored.

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