13 Ways To Know He/She Secretly Likes You


So you have been getting confused about that crush of you.

You are not sure if he likes you or if she wants you?

There are times when you begin to suspect someone crushing over you.

It is usually very clear from the attention, body language and communication.

And yes! I have once secretly admired someone.

I love sharing from my experience.

Let\’s briefly look into the different ways to detect.

I\’m not going to bore you with too much details but I\’m going to break it down with simplicity and realness.

I remember few years ago when I began to crush on a young man who is tall, averagely fair in color with a nice sexy dimple, cute and definitely handsome. I wanted to prove my likeness even though I knew we just couldn\’t date. He became a big crush and here are few things I did to steal his attention:

Do note that the points I\’m sharing are applicable to men and women.

  1. I starred at him frequently in an intimate way.
  2. I spent more time with him hanging out and visiting new places together.
  3. I checked up on him several times of the day.
  4. I showed interest in his life and plans.
  5. I asked about his family.
  6. I got creative in our conversations and chats.
  7. I was quite touchy.
  8. I dressed to impress him.
  9. I always asks for solutions to many things from him.
  10. I became a very good listener.
  11. My sense of humor became so obvious and light.
  12. I was everywhere he could be.
  13. I complimented him often.

In spite of all these attention grabbing signs, you don\’t have to reciprocate if its not who you want.

It is very important for you to know who you want and what you intend to build for yourself so if you have this lady or man that has been secretly looking at you and acting in the ways mentioned above, do a critical evaluation about it.

Be open to friendship and get to know your crush well. You want to be sure you are both compatible, share values and are both heading the same direction.

Don\’t forget that attraction is the first phase of likeness and it doesn\’t equate love. When you have both known each other for a while and understand your differences and backgrounds, you can decide to give it a chance. If you need to understand what it takes to choose a partner, get clarity and know what to look out for, you can check for tips in How I Got The Ring

You should have peace around the relationship not necessarily being put under pressure by all the overwhelming attention.

What other ways have you suspected a crush? Or how have you shown you liked someone?

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