5 Things To Never Say To Your Partner In A Relationship

You know how we use to say that we prefer to be beaten than to hear harmful and abusive words from our parents? That\’s exactly how it is in a relationship though no one is getting beaten up by a partner, not allowed. Winks.

In the beginning of a relationship, it feels like butterflies in the tummy and those mushy mushy feelings that come when you talk or think about your partner but what happens as days, weeks, months and years pass by? You get used to each other, argue and fight most times.

Now, it doesn\’t matter how angry you get, you should avoid hurting your partner with the following:

1. \”You Never, Can\’t or Don\’t\” kinds of statement.

It is always better to find a peaceful time to discuss with your partner about specific things you don\’t like rather than bringing it up during a misunderstanding. If you don\’t like how your partner calls you less frequently, you should discuss it at an appropriate time than always attacking with; \”You never care, you can\’t make time for us or you don\’t buy me gifts.\”

Be specific and choose an appropriate time.

2. Threatening to break up or leave.

Now, this can get messy and hurt your partner. If you keep threatening to leave during a disagreement, your partner might feel you truly mean it so it\’s either you don\’t joke about it at all. It\’s quite childish and shows that you don\’t really care or you are being forced to be in the relationship.

3. Using Abusive or Negative words.

Respect is very critical in a relationship. You should not get to the point of calling each other names because that qualifies as a verbal form of abuse. Negativity should be shunned if you want the relationship to be healthy.

4. Disrespecting your partner\’s friends and family.

It\’s okay to get angry sometimes but the moment you begin to throw negative words against your partner\’s family or friends, you are beginning to go past your boundaries and that\’s a red flag on its own.

5. Shutting your partner off or playing the silent treatment.

You should allow your partner to show some expression at times. The moment you begin to shut him or her off, it can affect your partner\’s self esteem. When you also have an argument, it\’s best to sort things out rather than using the silent treatment on your partner. It\’s a childish way of saying you can\’t face the truth of the matter.

What have you learnt?

Do you have any additions or questions? Kindly drop the comment below.

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I care.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things To Never Say To Your Partner In A Relationship”

  1. Indeed, this article is educative . I keep emphasizing this issue about silent treatment. It never solves problems. Even if it seemingly does, that’s the evil day postponed. Well done ma.

  2. I have a question. I do the silent treatment but it’s not because I want to punish the other person or something but I’m one heck of a moody person and the way I respond to hurt to is to go moody. Is that a silent treatment too?

    1. Silent treatment is quite different from being moody.

      Silent treatment is used during a misunderstanding to avoid facing an issue.

      Being moody could be your way of responding to hurt by refusing to open up, express yourself or communicate at any time even if the matter has been resolved.

      Being moody is an attitude you should work on because it’s a little childish and shows we can’t handle some level of hurt. It shows how we allow people control our emotions.

      Rather than being moody, you should learn to change the meaning you attach to those hurts, feel happy from within and embrace the spirit of joy.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you got some insights.

  3. Thank you so much Ma.
    I love the explicit yet simple terme you use to relay your messages. I am yet to get over the insights here as well as that Og your book.

    You have and will continue to bless me.
    I love you Ma.

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