This afternoon, as I sat down in the couch, I thought about many things that have been keeping me stuck for a while. I realized that my mind has so much power than I give it credit for.

Let me explain.

For some days now, I have been pushing myself to do some things that were supposed to be daily actions without grumbles. I really don’t know why but I think it must have come from a feeling of not being appreciated by people who I do so much for.

Every time I needed to take drastic steps this past week, I just kept slowing down because I focused so much on the negativity in my mind.

“Maybe they don’t trust me enough.”

“Maybe I’m not even good enough.”

“Maybe I need to work harder.”

“May be I’m not just lucky for now.”

Well, I can’t really pen down the many negative thoughts I have had this week, all I can say is that, I have been feeling overwhelmed.

So, as I sat down in the couch today reading a book titled “The 10x Rule”, I realized how much I gave power to an enemy.

You want to know what it is.

I gave power to external factors.

But you see, even if the external factors had an edge, my mind was more important in making things work. If I had chosen to think positive, take positive actions, plan better, learn better strategy and all, I would have won.

This leads me to my point.

Why are they hurting you?

‘I understand that you fell less because he broke your heart in the most unlikely manner.’

‘She took your money and went off with your best friend.’

‘You lost your parent at a young age.’

‘Or maybe you got disappointed in one way or the other.’

I really don’t know but you have allowed these external factors determine your life too much and it has to stop.

When last did you feel good about yourself?

When last did you accomplish something worthy enough?

When last did you allow yourself grow in love again? Notice, I didn’t use fall(So you don’t get drown). Lol

You have withdrawn yourself too much because of too many worries and fears.

I want you to heal from past hurts and betrayals because I know how much it can keep you stuck.

Did you see the free e-book I gave out recently?

Did you not download it?


OR you downloaded and filed it in your e-books collection corner hoping to read one holiday? Lol, it’s very short and precise so you can consume it in few hours.

I’m interested in your emotional healing and that matters more.

Stop giving external factors the power to hurt you.

I mean, don’t let social media, trends, friends, betrayals, heartbreaks, death of a loved one, comparison, or other factor keep you from living free and happy. Give yourself the chance to make your life bubble again.

What’s happening in your end? What’s hurting you the most?

Will you like to talk about it?

If yes, send me an email to relcapsules@gmail.com

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