First, don’t buy into the idea that anyone you meet online is a fraud.

It’s a lie. There are a lot of real people here and you just have to be careful and discern right from wrong.

There are a lot of parasites online and you shall know them by their fruits (actions, patterns, words, personality, etc)

I have met most of my mentors, coaches, best friends, colleagues and great people right here online.

The way you also position yourself matters.

5-6 years back when I joined Facebook, I was simply interested in being social, competition, and many other unreasonable things but when I changed my mode of operation based on self discovery, my exposure to unserious people reduced practically.

Make this changes:

1. Use your original name. If you use slayqueenmercy or jamesbondMicheal, I might not take you too serious. Position yourself with a quality perception.

2. Write in formal English. There was a time when it was cool to write in stylish and funny ways because it was the in thing. Right now, people are more intentional about how they write. Write this instead of dis or sup.

3. Use a clear and decent profile photo. Position yourself properly. If you keep updating your nude body, open cleavage, a  gathering of people in the club or related, many will assume you to be of an indecent personality. Position yourself in such a way that you can also qualify for a professional job.

4. Upload reasonable posts and pictures. Think before you post and stop showing your problems and emotional stress online, some people might just feast on it. You don’t have to tell us how you got dumped after sex, etc.

5. Engage in people’s comment with intelligence and responsibility. You might attract some interesting fellow. When you take your time to think and drop our thoughts under some post, you can attract people who love your opinion. They can connect with you by sending you a request, following you or discussing more with you.

Treat yourself as a brand that you are and sell yourself rightly.

About the Author NikeFolagbade

  • Very interesting. I have followed suit wt some of this except for the form writing. I don’t usually use formal writing, but I have learned to do that from now on. Thank you dearest.

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