There is a difference between getting angry sometimes and getting angry all the time.

People get angry easily due to their nature, how they understand issues and emotional maturity level.

There are times your partner would be angry and there are times you would also be angry, rather than throw tantrums and hit each other, there are ways to get better with it.

I learnt this the hard way because I like to talk a lot when I\’m being misunderstood so I go on and on trying to express myself but most especially, my timing is usually wrong.

During a misunderstanding, you can deal with your partner positively in the following ways:

1. Listen more to what your partner is saying and find out if you said the wrong statement the wrong way or at the wrong time.

2. When you are able to understand the reason behind the anger, it will help you decide if you should correct yourself, apologize or remain silent.

3. Try not to repeat the same things that makes your partner angry. It starts with observation.

4. Be sincere about making your wrongs right and show actions to prove it.

5. If needs be, take an excuse and walk away because it gets over the bar.

6. Laugh about some issues when your partner gets upset. Tease them about it. You can make a difference with that.



7. Ask yourself sensitive questions like; \” Will I be able to keep up with a consistent angry partner?\” This will help you know if you are ready to work with your partner irregardless of little hiccups on the way. Emotional Intelligence is key here.

Most times, people get at each other because they didn\’t understand each other well. The best is to be clear about your intentions and meanings, use the right language and approach and apologise when necessary.

It should not be about being right at the same time but being wrong and making a right stand.

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