Building On The Space, Pace And Motive Of Every Friendship Before Courtship


The feedbacks have revealed the rate at which people don\’t value friendship anymore. Some even said people go into relationships and marriage for childish and selfish reasons.#Verytrue.
So we need to revive the right path to Courtship. In the next few days, we would be looking at 3 aspects of friendship:
1. Motive (Purpose of your friendship with an inward look into your intention)
2. Pace (Duration of friendship before the relationship commences)
3. Space(What grounds are you placing it on? What distance should be involved?)

1. Motive: (Purpose/Focus)]
The early stages of your friendship should be based on getting to know each other better. Don\’t try talking about your plan on the relationship so as to create more openness.
It\’s not a time for sexual gestures and discussions. Don\’t provoke your body! Focus on each other values, life goals, strengths and weakness, find ways to help. Talk about spiritual things too.
While counseling, a guy said his girlfriend kept challenging him for going to church frequently. She advised him to go to club more like she does.
During friendship, when a person says this, you would know what you are dealing with.
Give more than you can take. Add values to each other. Not just material things.
The early stage of friendship is not meant for telling the guys to take you for shopping except he wish to. It\’s not also a stage to explore your body. Watch it!!!
Seriously, friendship allows you to know where to draw the line. Stop breaking people\’s heart.

2. Pace: (Duration of friendship before the relationship commences)
How long should a friendship last?
Friendship is meant to be an everyday trend.
Your friendship stage should not be too short or too long but the most important things should have been known, done and understood. Friendship is continous.
Note: Learning is a gradual process, an everyday living. Knowing more about your partner is a continuous phase.

3. Space: (What grounds are you placing it on? What distance should be involved?)
Entering into a relationship doesn\’t mean you should be too close and leave out your friends and families.
Learn to also include them into your friendship through outings, games et al.
Your friendship should not deter you from doing your necessary things.
You shouldn\’t get too attached so that you won\’t compromise your feelings.
Are you building on friendship?
How long do you think friendship should last? I await your feedback.

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