Friendship Bond In Relationships Part 2

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Enjoying Your friendship in your relationship.

Friendship supersedes Mere Attraction.
Spicing up your relationship requires a double edged task. It has to come from the both sides. You need to delve deep to the bones and marrow of your relationship fora sharper result.

Let me hint us on some ways to improve your friendship in relationships.
1. Build a deep form of connection through communication. Talk about your daily activities, schedules, spiritual life, plans, et al.
2. Give advises on information received. Be a part of your partner\’s life by speaking a word of encouragement to start their day.
3. Speak your partner\’s love language. I had issues in this area and I had to build up my understanding on love languages.
4. Be your partner\’s secret keeper and motivator. Be quick to spot when they are weak and help them up.
5. Give little surprises in form of gifts and varieties. It doesn\’t have to be a car or a house, learn to give.
6. Learn the different personalities and temperament. Relate with your partner according to their temperament.
7. Support your partner\’s brand. Whatever they are into, bring in your ideas and lend a supportive hand by your contribution.
This is just a few of what can help your relationships.

Am ready to learn more tips from you. I await your feedback.

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