We have shared on Friendship(Welcome Factor) and Fellowship(God-Factor) and the responses were WOW! Thanks.
PS: We are sharing values for building godly (not secular) relationships. Get ready to re-brand your relationship.
Romance (Expression Factor) is a phase that comes in when the friendship and fellowship deepens.
But hey RELAX!
Romance in relationships is not centred on X and O (Kisses and Hugs).Hmmm, I mean extreme sexual hugs. When you begin to involve yourself with extreme advances, then it can make your acclaimed love (lust) develop from Chemistry(Attraction) to Physics(Sexual Advances and Practices) then to Biology(Reproduction)……….@NikeAdedokun
——Try diverting your affection towards other areas and forms of communication.
Let me give you some tips for the Love Zone:
1. There are little beautiful things you can do for your partner that doesn\’t have to be so flashy to be appreciated.
2. Been reserved in a relationship(Not showing extreme sexual advances) shouldn\’t mean lack of interest but signs of guarding the heart.
3. Women love romantic gifts like perfumes, flowers, teddy bears, make up kits et al. Men like food, I mean food. Okay sorry, they also love wrist-watches, boxers, singlet, body spray et al. Stop receiving and not giving. Return the love.
4. You can send breathtaking messages, emails and letters. Thank God for social media. Use them once in a while. Send poems, short expressions et al.
These things look old-fashioned but they did the trick in those long days. Men and Women love people that can blow their mind away and the truth is that, it comes from those gentle talks, little cuddles and small priceless gifts that comes into the union.
If you have been wallowing in wrong advances like sex and hard core romance in your relationship, it\’s time to make a change. Focus on God for forgiveness with a remorse heart and make practical steps on how to come out of the bondage of sexual sins. Don\’t become a slave to your body because of few minutes or hours of enjoyment.
Sex is a covenant between two married people. When you get involved in sexual practices illegally, you get exposed to spiritual ties. When you continue carrying different baggages from different soul, your future can only lessen its value so work on becoming a better person by finding solutions to your soul ties.
Talk to us today!
How do you think you can express romance in a Godly manner?


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