The last series on courtship rules was friendship. We emphasized the importance of friendship before and after every relationship. The responses were awesome.#Thank you.
The next stage that should unfold during the Friendship/Relationship/Marriage is the fellowship stage.
Someone asked: \”If we are not romancing, kissing or having sex to spice up our relationship, what else would we be doing? Won\’t the relationship be boring without these spices?\”
Sex can never make your relationship grow. You even need more than love to make a marriage work. You need actions born out of love to revitalize the romance.
So what can you do? It may sound boring but it is the best foundation ever.
1. For your relationship to be built on the right foundation, there is a need to involve the God-factor. Every tower should be built on a solid foundation so it doesn\’t fail or fall. Anyone leading you out of God\’s path should make you flee.
2. You cannot ignore the power of seeking God\’s face in every aspect of your life for direction and understanding.
3. You should both share the passion for God and encourage each other in growing spiritually. How?
4. Courtship is not a time to get involved in every sexual activities but a time to bond with God and to make things work.
5. Create time to share the word together, pray and talk on what God has been showing you, if there is a need to.
6. You can read spiritual books together and talk about the effects. Encourage each other. Buy books for each other. Have a prayer note.
In this way, you can grow better in your spiritual life before and after marriage.
Don\’t spend the night in your partner\’s house in the name of \”A Vigil or Prayer activity\”, you may have to ska-bash right in bed.
Well, Ska-bash is inevitable .
Is sleeping in my partner\’s house wrong?
Well, sometimes things are not done because it\’s a sin but because of what it can lead to. It will definitely lead you to the wrong ties.
Taking a little alcohol isn\’t a sin but too much of it can get you drunk and throw you in the gutter.#AddictedHabit
So why start what you can\’t finish?
Proverbs 6:27 \”Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not get burned?\”
So you see, spending the weekend can burn you up or are you a stone?
Well, Let me give you some personal tips.
1. Deliberately hang out rather than stay indoors.
2. Try hosting friends and family members during your visit to stop every form of moosh-moosh (sexual urge).
3. What happens when there is long distance? You definitely can\’t go back. What next?
4. One person stays at a friend\’s place or a hotel.
Bottom line: Don\’t try pre-marital sex to keep your relationship. You are on your own *silly* .
These are just some of the few tips you can try to avoid temptations.
This is not about theories but reality.
It\’s not easy but it\’s worth pleasing God for a better future.
Am sure I have answered questions like:
What if I can\’t go back after a long distance visit?
How do we overcome temptation even during the day?
Take the safest route.

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