As I read the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38, I realized that God truly rules in the affairs of men. He rules in the affairs of your marriage too.

For some days, I\’ve been silently nursing a desire to teach about the consequences of adultery and those sinful nature we exhibit in marriage. In the story of Tamar, we see how God took note of the wickedness of Judah\’s two sons: Er and Onan. Er was first married to Tamar but she didn\’t conceive a child yet when he died. When Onan was asked to marry her so they can have a child as Er\’s heir, he cheated. He decided not to emit into her so she will not conceive. God saw this act as wickedness and killed Onan.

And the thing which he did displease the Lord; therefore He killed him also.

Genesis 38:10 NKJV

Previously, Er was also wicked in the eyes of God and God killed him. When the bible refers to someone as wicked, it means the person is selfish, doesn\’t regard God, treats the family in an evil way, etc.

The bible refers to people as either wise, foolish, or wicked. If God could kill Er and Onan because of their wickedness, do you think He doesn\’t see the adultery you commit against your spouse now?

God saw the wickedness of Nabal, Abigail\’s husband.

God saw the wickedness of David when he killed Uriah and slept with Barsheeba but grace and mercy spoke for him.

And that grace is still speaking today.

This grace that is speaking today makes people think they can go scot-free. David still got the punishment and it affected his children too. Do you realize that when you commit adultery against your spouse, you have broken the covenant against God and God sees it? It is also an invitation of darkness into your home which can come in a different form.

Most of the shades of evil we see in the world today is coming from the level of atrocities people have committed. God is long-suffering, merciful, and patient but He is not foolish. Adultery has transgenerational consequences that affect your children and the next generation. Society celebrates it for men but you know that Satan works through culture and media to deceive people into a trap. Eating the forbidden fruit comes with a price. God\’s silence is not approval.

I\’ve come to remind you that God rules in the affairs of your marriage and He can turn things around when He\’s ready to move. You may think you\’re wise and smart but God is omniscient and knows all things. Let me leave you with this scripture.

He who digs a pit will fall into it, And whoever breaks through a wall will be bitten by a serpent.

Ecclesiastes 10:8 NKJV

Adultery is done by men and women, protect your family today and close that gap.

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